Suffolk Power Flushing
                               The first aid treatment for Central Heating systems

Is your Central Heating System slow to warm up ?
Are some radiators completely or partially cold?

Do radiators need frequent bleeding?
Is radiator water dirty & discoloured?
Radiators with pin hole perforations & leakage?
Are there "kettling" noises from the boiler?
Do you have repeated pump failures?
                                          Why do you need power flushing ?
Boiler manufacturers insist that old heating systems be thoroughly flushed before installing a new boiler, and may even make a warranty on this.
Only by power flushing can you be sure that a system is really clean to the standards demanded by modern high efficiency boilers and heat exchangers.
By using a Clearflow pump, we can cleanse a system to a standard that exceeds BS7593.
The alternative method of flushing heating systems ,without a pump , by using chemical mobilising agents followed several days later by "repeat drain down" procedures is very labour intensive. It requires at least 2 visits, doesn't get rid of all debris, and problems often quickly return.
No matter how good the the flushing agent used, the low rate as system water trickles out through ordinary drain valves means that some debris settles back in the system , with the result that problems return again in short order.
Removing individual radiators, and flushing them with a hose outside the house , is equally time consuming ,
 very messy, and has no effect on deposits in pipe work and elsewhere in the  system .

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